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May 10, 2016

Be Like Water

In the midst of any interpersonal or personal struggle among or within humans, inevitably there comes a moment when we realize with crystal clarity there is only one sure fire, never fail way to resolve the conflict and restore the peace. Surrender! We immediately recognize and intuitively know the power of it’s truth, because, quite … Continue reading “Be Like Water”

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April 10, 2016

Stephen Doster’s “Arizona” Is One For The Ages

Stephen Doster is one of Austin music’s secret weapons, at least outside of Austin. Around here, it’s not such a secret. Not counting his collaboration records with Will Sexton and Bill Carter, Arizona is his first solo album, since Rosebud, his power pop chestnut from 1996. However, Arizona is an altogether different affair. Where Rosebud employed the rock muscle of … Continue reading “Stephen Doster’s “Arizona” Is One For The Ages”

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The conditions of war are the conditions of war. They are not the conditions of peace.

April 22, 2011

If Peace Were Dollars

For the entirety of my life as an American, I have heard the adage, “War is good for the economy!” You’ve probably heard it too. In fact, the idea itself has become so finely woven into the fabric of the collective American psyche that we have all but ceased examining if it is actually true. … Continue reading “If Peace Were Dollars”

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