September 7, 2017

Love Is The Answer To Every Question

I recently attended a talk given by Revs. Brian & Kristen Grandon titled “The Journey of Spiritual Awakening: Reframing Salvation”. This talk was the 5th installment in their 8-week series “Our Authentic Spiritual Journey,” which they are presenting at Unity Church of the Hills in Austin. It got me thinking about how my own thoughts … Continue reading “Love Is The Answer To Every Question”

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August 22, 2017

Affirming The Awareness Of Peace

The harmonizing power of love and the experience of true peace are interdependent energies. Peace is not possible without the expression of unconditional love, which inspires the experience of peace. Only unconditional love is capable of the energetic neutrality required to create an experience of true peace. The primary qualities of this “energetic neutrality” are … Continue reading “Affirming The Awareness Of Peace”

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May 20, 2017

The Miracle of Disillusionment

Have you ever been disillusioned? Of course, you have. Everyone has. Disillusionment occurs in those life moments when something we had previously believed to be true is revealed to be an illusion, a lie. We had placed our faith in the world being a certain way, only to learn it is not that way at … Continue reading “The Miracle of Disillusionment”

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May 11, 2017

The Power Of Your Word

In Charles Fillmore’s metaphysical classic The Twelve Powers, he delineates twelve inner creative faculties with which each one of us is divinely endowed. Among these are the powers of love, faith, imagination, understanding, wisdom and will. We also have powers of strength, order, renunciation, zeal and life. The last of these twelve powers is the power of power itself, … Continue reading “The Power Of Your Word”

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May 3, 2017

These Truths Are Made For Walking

This is the ninth and final installment in the “Walking the Unity Talk” series exploring how to live the Unity Principles in our lives. In this article, we conclude with an exploration of Unity’s Fifth Principle, which I style as the call to action principle. Living the fifth principle is how we demonstrate the truth we know and … Continue reading “These Truths Are Made For Walking”

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April 13, 2017

Teach Only Love

It could be said that the main purpose of A Course In Miracles [ACIM] is to teach the lessons necessary for us to learn how to teach only love. ACIM does not aim to teach the “meaning of love,” which it maintains is “beyond what can be taught.” However, it does aim to teach us … Continue reading “Teach Only Love”

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January 3, 2017

Faith & New Beginnings

A new year is the archetype symbol for new beginnings. It is also the perfect moment to rely on the creative power of our faith. Why? Because the power of faith is the single best creative faculty we have for embracing the inevitable changes that new beginnings bring. In The Twelve Powers, Charles Fillmore describes … Continue reading “Faith & New Beginnings”

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January 2, 2017

Spiritual Creativity & Transformation

For the past decade or more, each year, I have faithfully participated in two special services at my home church, Unity Church of the Hills in Austin. The first, a Burning Bowl ceremony, takes place on New Year’s Eve and the second, a White Stone service, takes place on the first Sunday of the new … Continue reading “Spiritual Creativity & Transformation”

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July 16, 2016

Saying No, To Say Yes

Insofar as we often find ourselves in transition and facing the paradox of change in our lives, encountering resistance is inevitable, but not insurmountable. Fortunately, we come equipped with a powerful capacity for renunciation, the power to release and eliminate anything we believe does not serve us. In short, we have the power to say, … Continue reading “Saying No, To Say Yes”

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The only moment in time we can ever experience peace is right now...the eternal present moment.

July 15, 2016

My Favorite Word is Peace

Considering every possible word I could choose, without a doubt, peace is my favorite word. For me, peace is not only an efficient, pleasant sounding word; it is the end game, the very purpose of our lives. Peace is the condition and experience we seek most in every situation, circumstance and relationship in our lives. As we … Continue reading “My Favorite Word is Peace”

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