January 29, 2017

A Meditation On Inner Peace

As a Licensed Unity Teacher, I speak in Unity Churches on a regular basis. Recently, I was asked to lead the meditation during Sunday services at my home church, Unity Church of the Hills in Austin, Texas. The theme of Rev. Steve Bolen’s message that Sunday ws “inner peace.” The complete transcript of the meditation I led is below.

A Meditation On Inner Peace

In this sweet moment, as you prepare your heart and mind to enter into the simple stillness of God’s sweet peace, I invite you to close your outer eyes and gently draw your attention to the rhythm of your breathing.

Simply breathe in and breathe out, at your own comfortable pace, allowing the focus of your awareness to illuminate the connection between the gentle, relaxed rhythm of your breath and the natural cycle of your beating heart. Notice how they converge and synchronize, joining together with the natural rhythm of the universe.

With each and every cycle of your breath, allow yourself to relax a little deeper into the awareness of your presence right here, right now in this space.

As you inhale, breathe in all that life in the external world around you offers, holding it all for a brief instant in your heart space, allowing God’s Love to dissolve all concern, worry, anxiety and fear, anything that may be blocking your awareness of the Peace of God that is perfectly still at the center of your being.

There is nothing else to do but attend to the simple presence of God’s peace that is moving through every cell of your being, every single instant of your life.

Breathe in the divine truth that God’s sweet peace is ever present within you. You may temporaily block the awareness of this truth by focusing on other conditions and circumstances in the world that may worry or concern you.

Yet, in the next instant, your awareness can just as easily return to the reality that God’s peace is your personal inner peace. It is always available to you, always present within you, wherever you are, wherever you go and under any circumstances.

Now, as you relax deeper into this awareness, notice your thoughts of the outside world becoming quieter, all inner chatter becoming ever more still.

In this sweet moment, simply allow yourself to take a peaceful pause from all concerns, anxieties, tensions and fears that the external world may hold and surrender into the stillness of the inner chamber where the Indwelling Christ Presence resides.

As you prepare for your time in the silence, know that God’s Divine Peace is eternally yours. Your part is to simply be still, be silent and allow it to reveal itself from within your very own being. You are never separate from it in reality.

Knowing this as your divine truth is the first and only step needed to experience God’s divine peace. It is yours anytime you invite it by simply saying…Peace, be still.

In the silence…

[After a brief period of silence to allow deeper connection with God’s Peace, conclude the meditation as follows.]

As you gently begin to bring your awareness back to this room, bring with you the awareness that God’s Peace is your personal peace, anytime, anywhere.

Notice that your mind is more clear now, your heart is more free and serenity fills your soul.

Preparing to re-enter your day, you now know that you carry within you the peace of God. You now know that just to breathe is holy, just to be is divine.

And, so it is.

And, so you let it be.


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