Rick Busby web 72dpi-6662Soul Diving with Rick Busby is a podcast series and an online collection of articles written by Austin-based writer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, public speaker and Licensed Unity Teacher, Rick Busby. Soul Diving podcasts and blogs cover a wide range of topics including spirituality, creativity, metaphysics, Unity teachings, music, books, film, art, sports, pop culture and any other topic that might strike Rick’s mercurial curiosity.

Rick believes that the path to authentically soulful, spiritual development (and ultimately peace) is grounded in creative expression. In his view, we are created by the Ultimate Creator to be creators. This is our fundamental spiritual identity. If we are not being creative in our lives, we are operating in opposition to our authentic selves. If we are not creatively expressing ourselves, then our lives become dysfunctional. We manifest all forms of dis-ease, co-dependencies, addictions, illnesses and disempowering circumstances to distract us from the knowledge that we are not being authentic in the world. In effect, we are out of integrity at a soul level and we know it, so we hide from this truth in whatever form we can muster up. The antidote to this malaise is authentic creative expression as a path to personal healing and soul recovery.

To date as a songwriter-musician-recording artist, Rick has released two full length albums Soul Diving in 2003 and Strawberry Moon in 2013. He is currently writing songs for his third record, which he expects to release in 2017, along with his first book. In Spring 2015, he completed a 7-year formal educational journey to receive his Licensed Unity Teacher credentials, and is a frequent speaker-facilitator-musician at Unity churches throughout Texas. Since 2007, he has also served as President of the non-profit Austin Songwriters Group, where he teaches songwriting throughout the year.