August 23, 2017

The Creative Possibilities of Peace

Being “created in the image and likeness” of the Original Creator, we are, each one of us, created to be creators. This is our most fundamental spiritual identity. We are born to be creators; and, all creative power is given unto us to fulfill our purpose as creators. If we are not living in alignment with the truth of our spiritual identity, our lives become dysfunctional and chaotic, making peace all but impossible.

We are capable of creating anything that we can conceive of in our minds. Indeed, humankind is ceaselessly engaged in the activity of co-creating the universe, both consciously and unconsciously. Each moment of our lives, we have access to an inexhaustible creative potential and our creative possibilities are infinite. We can literally create anything we can conceive, and we do. Yet, many of the experiences we create are destructive, to ourselves, to others and to the planet. Perhaps, the most egregious example is war.

We Could Have Peace Instead of War

Why would humankind create war, when peace is a much better creative pursuit? Why would we use our creative potential to create weapons intended for destruction and death, instead of marshaling our resources towards creating the experience of peace? Perhaps, we can never adequately answer “why” we do it. However, we can simply acknowledge that we do do it. We create wars; and, we do so to the exclusion of peace. This is by choice, not happenstance.

Wars are never accidental. They are absolutely intentional. Nothing comes into experience without creative intention. War is an idea first, before it comes into expression. It comes into expression according to the principles of war. It cannot be overstated that the principles of war are not the principles of peace.

If we are to create an experience of peace, we first have to see in consciousness that we could have peace, instead of war. If we then become willing to create according to the principles of peace, we can have peace. Over the course of history, we have successfully created wars.  There is no reason to believe we cannot create peace.

What If Peace Were Dollars?

War is destructive in every sense of the word, and we spend extraordinary, even incomprehensible, amounts of money advancing the idea of war. In America, war is so intrinsic to our collective soul that we have allowed it to become the very foundation of our economy. If peace were suddenly to break out around the world, and there was no more need for war, the economy would collapse. But, what if peace were dollars?

What if, instead of a war economy, we created a sustainable economy founded on the principles of peace? What if? While we might not be able to see the solutions immediately, this does not mean the creative possibilities do not exist. There was a time in our pursuit of war that we did not have the weapons we have today. Somewhere along the way, we solved the creative problems necessary to build and sustain a war economy. Certainly, we can create a sustainable economy built on peace, once we put our creative minds to the task.

Creating The Experience Of Peace

By now, experience should have taught us, beyond any doubt, that war never leads to peace. At best, it leads to truce, which is merely an agreement to stop fighting. Truce does not restore trust, and without trust, peace is impossible. It is not possible to fight for peace. Yet, we continue to persist in achieving what is not possible. Our vain attempts to do so have placed humankind in a precarious position. However, because our creative possibilities are infinite, we can create a new reality.

Like war, peace does not happen by accident. It is created intentionally. Remember, we are created to be creators, and have all creative power and potential available to us. We absolutely can create an experience of peace, and one that doesn’t wreck the economy in the process. However, we can only do so by living in alignment with the principles of peace. To align ourselves with the principles of peace first requires that we withdraw our agreements with the principles of war. This will be hard for many who are economically dependent on the machinations of war. But, it is not impossible, merely difficult. We can do difficult, especially when peace is the reward.

Peaceful Prayer of Creative Possibilities

On this day, I gratefully acknowledge and affirm that I am created in the image and likeness of the One Power and One Presence that is the source of peace. Therefore, I am wholly capable of creating an experience of peace in every challenging circumstance, in every instant where doubt, fear or worry may appear. Through the power of my faith, I perceive the Divine Order of all creation, knowing that creative possibilities for peace are ever present to me. Even in the midst of apparent war, chaos and discord, I affirm the possibilities for peace, knowing full well that peace is mine the instant I claim it. So it is. So I let it be. Amen.

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