November 16, 2017

The Divinity of You

You are a Divine Child of God.

Let me repeat that once more. YOU are a Divine Child of God!

Take that in for a moment. Seriously, I invite you to consciously pause for a moment, and breathe in the reality of this simple statement of truth. You are a Divine Child of God.

As you breathe in this divine idea of you, what comes up for you? Does it feel comfortable to claim this truth for yourself? Or, do you note some resistance to fully accepting this truth about you? Maybe you feel both comfortable and resistant at different times.

I know for me, there are times when I am way more willing to accept the truth of my own divinity, times when I may be feeling particularly powerful in my creative endeavors or volunteer service. Other times I am challenged to remember it for myself. The latter usually coincides with times when I am struggling to do things my way, or by myself, without asking for help.

Nonetheless, the walk towards spiritual mastery requires that we accept the truth of our own divinity. Once having accepted it, our purpose is to do our best to live in accordance with that truth. To realize our own innate divinity and Christ potential is essentially the highest purpose of our lives. To see the same for each and every person on the planet, without exception, is the fullest expression of this purpose. But, how exactly do we achieve that end?

What does it mean to be a divine child of God, anyway?

In its second principle, Unity teachings affirm the spiritual truth of our divine, Christ nature. In her book, The Five Principles, Rev. Ellen Debenport articulates Unity’s second principle as follows:

“Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ spirit within. Their very essence is of God, and therefore, they are also inherently good.”

As stated, this truth principle explicitly affirms the innate divinity of you as a child of God. It affirms that you, personally and individually, have a “spark of divinity” within you, which is the “Christ spirit.” It further details that your “very essence is of God,” and that you therefore are also “inherently good.” This is the truth of you, the divinity of you. You are a Divine Child of God.

The truth of you is the truth of me, and also the truth of everyone else.

The truth of the divinity of you is the truth of the divinity of me, and also the truth of the divinity of every single being on the planet. You are a Divine Child of God. I am a Divine Child of God. We are all Divine Children of God. Not just some of us, all of us. It may be a challenge to remember that in every circumstance with every person. However, that is the nature of the work required when we commit to living our lives according to truth principle, rather than personal preference.

One of the fundamental characteristics of truth principle is that it applies to everyone universally. If it does not apply to everyone, it is not truth principle. Only principles of truth can apply to everyone everywhere universally, without exception. If the truth of you is that you are a divine child of God, then this must also be the truth for every other person. Seeing and holding this truth for yourself and others is your life’s most fundamental spiritual purpose. But, once again, how do we achieve that end?

“Every divine child of God is one in Christ…”

One of the key strategies that A Course In Miracles offers to its students is teaching them how to see with the “vision of Christ.” ACIM points out that the “vision of Christ” is the one and only “correction for all errors of perception.” It sees “strength rather than weakness, unity rather than separation, and love rather than fear.” It is the complete “opposite of seeing through the body’s eyes,” which too easily see separation, weakness and fear.

In Chapter 12, Section VI, ACIM offers a perfect affirmation of our fundamental unity with God through the Christ:

“Every child of God is one in Christ, for his being is in Christ as Christ’s is in God.”

This statement resonates with Rev. Debenport’s articulation of Unity’s second principle stated above. The “Christ spirit” within every human being is the “spark of divinity” that connects and unites us directly with God. In Unity, we teach that “the Christ” is the “only begotten of God.” That the Christ is within each and everyone of us evidences our relationship to God as divine children. This is our birthright, our inheritance. It is the truth of who we are.

If you desire to realize and express this truth in your life, the most effective strategy is to be willing to see it in others. In other words, you will come to know and experience yourself as a “divine child of God,” by seeing everyone else as the “divine child of God” that they are. Each time you do so, you are seeing with and through the “vision of Christ.” This is how you will ultimately come to know the divinity of you by seeing it in everyone else.


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