August 22, 2017

Affirming The Awareness Of Peace

The harmonizing power of love and the experience of true peace are interdependent energies. Peace is not possible without the expression of unconditional love, which inspires the experience of peace. Only unconditional love is capable of the energetic neutrality required to create an experience of true peace. The primary qualities of this “energetic neutrality” are non-attachment and non-judgment. Attachments and judgments not only block the personal experience of peace, but they also serve to limit the collective experience of peace.

If peace is the goal, then the first response to anything that happens should be one of neutrality. The energy of neutrality keeps us open to the experience of peace. Neutrality signals a willingness to release any rigid attachments or expectations that may block the experience of peace, and insures that we will not project our own judgments and opinions on to any experience. The energy of neutrality is not passive. It is an active energy, essential to the experience of peace. Without neutrality, peace is impossible.

Peace & The Universal Soul

There is only one place where we are ever able to experience peace, and that is in the realm of our own consciousness. There is no peace in the external world. Even if there were, we could only experience peace within our own private consciousness. In reality, there is no “private consciousness”. Our every private thought and feeling also energetically resides within the realm of the universal consciousness. Therefore, every thought and feeling we maintain in the activity of our own consciousness, not only determines the energetic quality of our personal experience, it also contributes energetically to the quality of the universal consciousness.

The quality of our personal experience depends on the thoughts and feelings that we allow to dominate in the activity of consciousness. If we are experiencing conflict, drama and even violence, it is because these are the thoughts and feelings we are allowing to dominate in our personal consciousness. In this way, we are all individually contributing to the energetic quality of the universal soul.

Creating The Experience of Peace

If we wish to experience universal peace, the activity of our individual thoughts and feelings must be aligned with peace. While the possibility of peace is present in every circumstance, the experience of peace is not guaranteed. Peace is not happenstance. Peace is not accidental. Peace is not just lying around in the world waiting to be found. Peace is created from within, and then expressed into the world.

As we align our thoughts and feelings with the principles of peace, we develop an awareness that the experience of peace is exclusively our own personal responsibility. No one and no thing external to me can make me be at peace. Likewise, you cannot make anyone else be at peace.

The best we can do is to create an experience of personal peace within the realm of our own consciousness, and then express that peace to the world. Even though the world does not offer peace, we can offer our peace to the world. Maintaining the awareness of peace as a possibility in every experience is a matter of personal responsibility. No one can do it for me. No one can do it for you. Peace does not create itself. We create peace, one peaceful choice at a time.

Affirmative Prayer for the Awareness of Peace

In this now moment, I bring my awareness to the One Power and One Presence that is ever active, ever present in the Universe and in my life. I am aware this One Power and One Presence is the source and substance of all good, including the harmonizing power of love that makes possible the peace that passes all understanding. Today, I gratefully allow the word of truth to illuminate my awareness to the possibilities for peace in every circumstance. I know that with each breath I breathe, the experience of the peace that surpasses all understanding is possible for me, right here, right now. So, I dedicate myself this day to willingly express the unconditional love that inspires peace. So it is. So, I let it be. Amen.

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