August 27, 2016

Soul Diving EP 001: My Favorite Word Is Peace

In this debut episode of the Soul Diving with Rick Busby podcast, titled “My Favorite Word Is Peace,” we talk about war and peace, both within our own selves and in the world. Along the way, we learn that we may not always be able to change the external world, but we can always change our minds about the world. The episode also features music from Rick Busby’s albums Soul Diving and Strawberry Moon, including selected bits from the songs “Like A Dove,” “Just Like Angels,” “Mysteria” and “Temptation,” as well as this episode’s complete track, musical lagniappe, “I’ll Awaken.” 

Soul Diving with Rick Busby is a podcast series exploring creativity as a spiritual path to peace. Episodes are a mix of scripted stories, metaphysical improvisations, music and interviews with writers, artists, musicians, teachers and uniquely interesting, creatively spiritual personalities.

Produced by Private Angel Records with support from DBM Entertainment, Soul Diving with Rick Busby is written and produced by writer-musician, recording artist and Licensed Unity Teacher, Rick Busby. He is also a writer-producer of The Atticus Report, a music podcast series produced that surveys the world in search of music that’s good for something, which he co-hosts along with musician-producer and Atticus Records recording artist, Stephen Doster. 

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