April 5, 2011

The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

"The revolution will not be televised." - Gil Scott Heron, Poet-Musician

Each and every instant of each and every day, every single organism on the planet is actively, though not always consciously, participating in a grand and constantly unfolding cosmic evolution of the universe. This “master” evolution includes, every single person on the planet, including me and you. To me, this is the most exciting and relevant “news event” possible for us to daily investigate and report on through and with all media outlets available. Sadly, the “news” of the ongoing evolution is virtually ignored by the vast majority of mainstream media.

Instead, the daily diet of “news” we do receive largely focuses on the disasters and crises of the moment, or reports on the current sports and entertainment events of the day. Every once in a while, a “human” story of triumph over adversity “makes” the news, but rarely, if ever, is the content of that story about someone, anyone, waking up to an awareness of their own oneness with everything. The good news is that, just because the media is not reporting it doesn’t mean it is not happening. It is happening, and has been happening since the dawn of the universe.

Why should this be the most important story the media could cover? Because every time an individual anywhere on the planet awakens to a newfound awareness of their oneness with everything, it brings us one step closer to the paradigm shift in consciousness that will truly evolve our experience, on the planet and in the universe, to a higher level. Each individual’s conscious choice for expanded awareness serves to shift the balance and lead us toward the critical mass, or tipping point, that ushers in a new “age of consciousness.” From this new consciousness, the world we live in will be seen very differently than the one we currently perceive. We will make different choices about what is not only newsworthy, but also possible in the bigger scheme of life in the universe.

Perhaps we should devise a way to “keep score” daily and report on how many people on the planet are conscious and aware of their oneness with everything, and those that are not. Then we could quantify and keep track of who is winning, so to speak. I know, I know, it is a fanciful idea and wrought with all kinds of challenges as to how it would look. But, consider it anyway!

We turn on the news and right after we get the daily score on the investment markets, the economy, the wars, crises and natural disasters, along with the sports and box office scores, there is an update on the number of people who woke up to their awareness of oneness on that day. Imagine the 5:00 prime time network news “consciousness-caster” updating the score in ongoing contest between The Oneness and The Separation:

“This afternoon , The Oneness added 10,373 new members in the epic and eternal contest with The Separation. We’ve got ourselves a good one here. The Oneness has been surging lately, and even though it is still the underdog on the scoreboard, there is a mounting and palpable sense that it just might pull off the upset of eternity.”

Having this kind of report would not only allow us to keep up with which side is “winning,” but also allow us to choose which team we wish to pull for, you know, like the Super Bowl. Me, I’ve always been one to pull for the underdog.

It is my belief that, once we are conscious there is an ongoing competition of sorts between consciousness and unconsciousness, we won’t really be able to consciously choose to be on the unconscious team. The Oneness would then be adding members in exponential numbers, which would accelerate the evolution of the planet. In the midst of the accelerated evolution, we would collectively realize there were never really two teams anyway, but only one and that the ultimate victory had been assured all along.

Sadly though, the evolution will not be televised. So, we will just have to attune ourselves to our own inner awakening, make it a personal priority to grow it, and then model it to those with whom we are in direct contact. As we do, we find our power grows as does the reach and influence of the “oneness” we are demonstrating. However, it won’t be reported in a “big bang” way that gets everyone’s attention. It occurs the old-fashioned way, slowly, one person at a time in an almost unseen manner. However, make no mistake about it, we are and have been evolving and one day, perhaps one day soon, it will be undeniable to everyone that the shift has occurred. Even if the media continues to ignore the biggest story of all time.

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